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    Those who want to know about how to apply for duplicate voter ID card or Electoral card. If you looking for the guidelines on how to apply for duplicate copy of voter ID card in the state of Delhi, then we provide you simple steps. We provide you below guides for duplicate voter ID card. But user, you always keep your important documents safe and in security.
    We should keep our documents in security and be consciousness but sometimes we lost our documents such as voter ID card, PAN card. But if any person lost its voter ID card then he/she does not need to apply for new voter ID card, he/she has to apply for new copy of voter ID card that is duplicate voter ID card. Every person who has lost their voter id card has to fill form 002 for applying duplicate voter ID card. In most cases, the procedures are so easy and simple and but when the things belongs to the government bodies and ministers then normally every person through about that previous long and lengthy procedures. It is quite funny but true that in the previous time the procedures relating to any government sector and minister were so tricky and lengthy as well. But know after coming online procedures, it becomes easy to apply for new voter id card, correction of voter id card and even for duplicate voter id card. Know application can easily download the voter id card and take print out of it. Today they do not need to stand in the long queues to take application forms.
    As we all know that voter ID card is not only a card which is a proof of identity but it is also a proof of address as well and also provides us many other kinds of advantages. In India, the right to issue voter ID card is only have to Chief Electoral Commission which is given by the Indian government. In actual, at the time of casting vote we did not need voter id card, if citizen name is in the voters list of his/her assembly, only need is to have an identity proof for which any document as Driving license, Pan card, Aadhaar card etc. let check processes for applying duplicate voter id card.


    As if you lost your voter id card due o nay reason as by mistake, misplaced, left it sometimes or stolen sometimes, and in that case we all need to know about the procedures how to apply for duplicate voter id card as for this we have shared some simple and easy steps that will help you to regain your voter id card in simple ways.

    Before start doing nay thing you need to file an FIR at your local police station regarding your lost voter id card. You also must need to take a copy of it to attach it with application form.

    After it visit to the CEO Delhi website from here:

    When open this website on your home screen, there given an option of forms. Slightly click to the option, and provide you a next page on display

    On this new page, you will be able to see different kind of application forms. For duplicate voter ID card you need to click to the application form no 002 or you can download it from this link:

    Now, download it and fill it properly with all details and enclose mandatory documents as like FIR, Identity proof like passport, Driving license, Ration card, Pan Card etc and with hard copy of FIR and address proof as telephone bill, gas bill, and Electricity bill.

    With all the documents reach to your nearest Election Registration officer or Booth Level Officer and deposit your application form with all documents.

    After it does not forget to take receipt, receipt of application it will help in future convenience. Always remember that all the details need to be correct in your form, otherwise your form will be rejected.


    Chief Electoral Officer
    Sh. Chandra Bhushan Kumar

    Office number: 3977130
    Fax number: 23969611
    Helpline number: 1800111400
    Call center number: 1950

    The above guide is providing you to get the procedures about how to apply or duplicate voter ID card. We provide you all the detailed procedures that how to get duplicate voter ID card in simple and easy way. You will get all details her as link of application form, procedures for applying, and contact details of CEO. We hope all this help you a lot.
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    my id card lost i need new copy application
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