How to apply for Duplicate Voter ID card in Mizoram state

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    Mizoram is the state which is located on the North east region of India. The name of Mizoram is derived from “Mi” means “People”, Zo means “Belonging to the people of Lushai hills”, and “Ram” means “land”. Thus the meaning of “Mizoram” means “land of the hill people”. The state Mizoram is formed on February 20th, 1987. The capital and largest city of the Mizoram state is Aizwal. The current Chief Minister of the state is Pu Lalthanhawla, belongs to Indian National Congress. The total population of the state is 1,091,014. And the total area covered under Mizoram state is twenty one thousand eighty seven kilometers square. The literacy rate of the state is 91.58%. And the official languages of the state are Mizo. Mizoram is a small state of India, so it is represented by one constituency. Presently the ruling government of the state is Indian National Congress.
    Mizoram is one of the smallest and newest states of hilly state in India. It shares its international boundary with Bangladesh and Burma. It was 23rd state of India. Mizoram has only one seat in Parliamentary constituency and it is reserved with scheduled tribe candidates. The major political parties of the state are Indian National Congress, Mizo National Front, Maraland Democratic Front, Zoram Nationalist Party, and Mizoram People’s Conference. The state of Mizoram has total 40 state assembly constituencies out of which thirty nine are reserved with scheduled tribes. And some of the constituencies of the state are Hachhek, Dampa, Mamit,Tuirial Kolasib, Serlui, Tawi, Aizawl North 1, Aizawl North 2, Aizawl North 3, Aizawl East 1, Aizawl East 2, Aizawl West 2, Aizawl West 1, Aizawl West 3, Aizawl south 1, Aizawl south 2, Aizawl south 3, Lengteng, Tuichang, Champai North, Serchhip, Lunglei North, Lenglei South, Thorang, Saiha, and Palak. In 2014, the Deputy speaker of Mizoram state is Shri John Rotluangliana. And the Governor of the state is Aziz Qureshi.


    As we all know that there are only two scenarios in which we need duplicate voter ID card. The first scenario is when any person duplicate voter id card is lost and the second scenario is when your voter ID card is damaged because of which your photograph, address name EPIC card number on card are cannot be seen. In theses case, one has to apply for duplicate voter ID card. Before that one has to file a FIR and preserve a copy of it. And then apply for application for duplicate voter ID card. For this one has to apply for form 002, visit to the Chief Election Commission and take application form. Fill all concerned details like name, address, age, gender, and a passport size photograph. Sometimes you have to pay some charges and need to attach copy of FIR and an Identity proof of applicant.

    After completing all the necessary verification done by the concerned state Election Commission and will issue you a new copy of your voter ID card. You can check your application status by visiting to BLO or Chief Election Commission office with application ID receives at the time of submission of form.


    Address: B. Sanghnuna Building, Tuikhuahtlang, Aizawl
    State: Mizoram
    Office number: 0389 2322477
    E Mail ID:

    Help line number: 1950

    This guide provides you all types of details where you can get simple and easy procedures for applying duplicate voter ID card in Mizoram state. In this we all also provide helpline number and contact details for help or query. Thank you

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