How to apply for Duplicate Voter ID card in Gujarat state Get application Form to Download

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    The state is Gujarat us well known for its culture, jewel and hospitality. There are so many tourism places in this state. It is Beautiful state. This state is boarded with many states as by Rajasthan state to north, Madhya Pradesh state to east, Maharashtra state to south and to west by Pakistan. The capital city of Gujarat is Gandhinagr and largest city is Ahmebadad. The major language spoken in the state is Gujarati and it is also called home of Guajarati spoken peoples. The Governor of the state is only a nominal head of the state and present governor of the state is Om Prakash Kholi and the Chief Minister of the state is Anandiben Patel.
    The state of Gujarat has unicameral legislature and total legislature in the state has one hundred eighty two seats. The jurisdiction of the state is Gujarat High Court. The total are of the state Gujarat is {one lakh ninety six thousand twenty four} kilometers square. And it takes to 6th rank in all Indian states. The total inhabitants in the state are 60,383,628 as per 2011 year records. The official language of the state is Gujarati and other languages which are commonly spoken in this state are English, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi Marwari, and Sindhi. The literacy rate of the state is around 79.31%. In this state of Gujarat total thirty three districts. The main political parties of the state are Bharatiya Janata Party, Indian National Congress, Bahujan Samaj Party, Bharatiya Rashtravadi Paksha, Gujarat Adijati Vikash Paksh, and Gujarati State Janta Congress. And the most powerful political party of the state is Bharatiya Janata Party. The state of Gujarat is governed by the {one hundred eighty two} member of legislative assembly. The member are elected from 182 areas from which 13 seats are reserved for scheduled caste candidates and for scheduled tribe candidates total 26 seats are reserved each member of the legislative assembly serves the office for five years . And the president of India has the right to appoint Governor of the state as other states.
    Let’s move towards the duplicate voter ID card procedures, that how to apply for duplicate voter Id card in the state of Gujarat see below for this.


    The step starts from filing FIR to the police station regarding lose of voter ID card. Applicant immediately after knows to about that you lose your voter ID card, go to make FIR and take a hard copy of it.

    Now the second step is to fill an application form 002 of duplicate voter ID card. You can get the application form to BLO, ERO or from CEO office. You can take it from anywhere. When you get form from anyplace.

    The third step is to fill it with all asked information’s and attach with the form FIR and any of the documents that certify your proof if identity as Driving license, Passport, Aadhaar card, PAN card etc.

    After it submit the file to your regional Chief Election Commission office. You will be provided a receipt for receiving new copy of voter ID card.

    Now you can check your application status online to the Chief Electoral Officer website or to this page directly:

    Contact Details of Chief Electoral Officer, it will be helpful in case of help or query. You can also use help line number:

    Office of Chief Electoral Officer Gujarat

    Address: General Administrative Department, Block 7, 2nd floor, Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar
    State: Gujarat
    Office number: 23250316, 23250318(STD code 079)
    Fax number: 23250317 (STD code 079)
    Help line number: 1950
  2. card lost need to apply for the new voter id card.
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  3. where to submit the application form for obtaining the new duplicate copy of my voter id card.

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