Apply for Name Delete in Voter ID List, Objecting in Inclusion Entry in Electoral Roll Application Form 7 & Documents Attachment Process in CEO Uttarakhand Govt

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    A Voter ID Card is a necessary document of all citizens of India. But some time Elector needs to deletion of name in electoral roll due to he/she moved to another place or any other reason. If any of citizen want to delete their name from the electoral roll or seeking deleting of name in electoral roll. Then the person needs the Form-7 for application for objecting inclusion. This service provided by the the Chief Electoral Officer, Government of Uttarakhand.

    A Voter ID Card is well known an Election Card as it gives the right to citizens for vote. So that they can choose their future leader in upcoming election. The citizen can use the Voter Card as an identity proof and residence proof. It can be also used for the purpose of applying for Passport, Ration card, Driving license and any other government documents.

    Many of citizens want to delete their name in Electoral Roll Because of if they have moved in other place, change the home address or any other reason. The Chief Electoral Officer, Uttar Pradesh has provided a facility for those citizens who want to delete their name in Electoral roll. The CEO also provide all process to users how to apply, where the application is submitted, required documents and any other information.

    Objection inclusion or seeking deletion of name in electoral roll

    For objection inclusion is name in electoral roll and want to delete the name from that list. Firstly the applicant needs to carry the specific reason why they want to deletion name from Electoral Roll and it is necessary for all the person who wants to delete their name. For seeking deletion of name in electoral roll “Form-7” is needed.

    Eligibility Criteria-
    Can be filed only by a person whose name in already included in that roll in order to object inclusion of a name proposed to be included din that part of the electoral roll or for seeking deletion of a name already included in that part of the electoral roll.

    Form-7 (Application for objecting inclusion or seeking deletion of name in electoral roll)-
    The “Application Form-7” can be download from the official web portal of Chief Electoral Officer, Government of Uttarakhand or can be download it through the given link below.
    The Procedure to fill Form-7

    For fill the form-7 for deletion of name in electoral roll, the applicant need to fill their Assembly constituency in required place. The application form is divided into 5 section, here we are going to provide you the following steps to fill the Form-7.

    Step 1- Fill the details of person whose entry is to be deleted.
    • Write the applicant Name and Surname:
    • Write Part number of electoral roll in which his/her name is included:
    • Write his/her serial number in that part:
    • Write Elector’s photo Identity Card number (If issued):
    Step 2- Details of Objector
    • Write the objector name, surname and gender:
    • Write part number of electoral roll in which objector’s name is included:
    • Write his/her serial number in that part:
    • Write his/her Father’s/Mother’s name:

    Step 3- Particulars of place of ordinary residence of objector person seeking deletion.
    • Write the objector’s House/Door Number;
    • Write Street/Area and Town/Village name:
    • Write Post Office with Pin code:
    • Write Tehsil/Taluka/Mandal/Thana:
    • Write District name:

    Step 4- Reason for objection deletion
    In this section you need to fill the reason of why you want to delete your name from electoral roll like changed address, moved in another city or have duplicate Voter/Election card etc.

    Step 5- Declaration
    Now you will have to fill the declaration as you agree that you filled the above details are true and correct on your behalf.
    • Write the place and date:
    • Signature or thumb impression of the applicant:
    • Write your mobile number and email ID (Optional):

    The last two section will be filled by the Electoral Officer of your area. After complete fill up the form, please re-check your details are correct then submit it along with supporting documents to the District Election Office in your area. Also collect the application receipt while submission the application form for further reference.

    Required Documents for Voter/Election Card-
    1. Application Form-7 (For deletion name in Electoral Roll)
    2. Recent passport size colored photograph.
    3. Voter ID Card which is to be deleted
    4. Required Identity proof such as Birth Certificate, Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card etc.
    5. Also Required objector’s identity proof such as Voter/Election Card, Ration Card, Driving License, Aadhar Card etc.
    Note: - Any person who makes a statement or declaration which is false and which he either knows or believes to be false or does not believe to be true, is punishable under section 31 of the Representation of People Act, 1950.

    Contact Details of Department

    Department Name: - Office of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Government of Uttarakhand,
    Office Address: - 4 Subhash Road, North Block, Secretariat, Dehradun, Uttarakhand (248-001)
    Phone Number:- 0135-2713551/52 Mobile Number:- 9412055880
    E-mail: - Website: -

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